So I got a new tablet and while the image above is joyous, I am not. In order to use my new tablet, I have to sacrifice the ability to type at all. My laptop just does not allow me to type when the tablet drivers are installed, so once I’m done drawing, I have to uninstall the drivers entirely if I want to be able to type again. This is some intense fucking bullshit and I honestly think I’m just gonna send the thing back and get a refund and then not do digital art anymore because I think that the same issue will pop up with every kind of new tablet I get because I have Windows Shitting 8.
i did a lil klarion doodle with sharpie in my notes on friday but i didn’t have a reference to work with so his outfit looks weird 
im calling this one “convenient hair placement” damn these cute dark-haired boys

my copy of SAI no longer allows me to export or save anything so i’ll just have to post it like this

a holly sprite plz enjoy

im gonna make a dating sim called Doki Doki Fowl Manor where u can date any of the Fowls 

Pixel Artemis made w/ transparent bg thanks 2 nia bc gimp does NOT like windows8 rn

u kno they play acnl 2gether ok
that one scene in the atlantis complex

santahasabigdick said: u are doin so good i am so proud of u u are gonna crash through the end of this year at MAXIMUM SPEED

i have no clue what trains look like


im in a bad mood, quick! someone draw Holly Short as a Magical Girl!

✈ ♥ ✂ B))